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Site Member Testimonials

The guitar is God's way of saying carry on and live life to the fullest. You and activemelody.com have made it a lot easier and a lot more fun to do just that.
James Woods
ActiveMelody has captured the essence of what anyone needs to know in order to advance their guitar playing. You give context and meaning in your presentations and your ideas encourage us to use a practical approach to allow us to understand how and where the music fits together. These lessons will give you the inspiration and a direction to go to places in your guitar playing that you did not think possible.
Jay Freeman
Toronto, Canada
Discovering ActiveMelody was like a bomb going off for my guitar playing. I have made huge leaps in progress. Brians' lessons are very easy to watch and understand. The site covers such a massive range of music styles I cannot imagine anybody not finding something to “dig into”.
Phil Carter
I love Brian's lessons. Practical and full of sound and always applicable to rock, blues, acoustic, lead, rhythm, etc. I've gained my best practical understanding of the guitar through Brian's courses.
Jim Rinchiuso
California, USA
I'm really happy I discovered ActiveMelody because it has helped me to appreciate the blues style of guitar playing. I'm very grateful for Brian's commitment to teaching and sharing his guitar skills. It's allowed me to take my hobby to a new level of fun.
Rick Hudson
Oklahoma, US
Besides having the same name as myself,this gentleman is an awesome guitar tutor.I am 70 years young and find his manner and methods of teaching inspirational.Long may you continue Brian, Muchas Gracias
Brian OSullivan
Ive been to a lot of different internet sites looking for lessons, not all of them are bad, but Active Melody has my kind of people on the forum,and Brian does a very good job on his lessons. Ive met some very good friends on the forum also.
Butch Chiochon
Iowa, USA
Active Melody got me back into learning and playing blues based material. I learnt lots and it has improved my playing abilities, so much so that I have just got a bunch of 50 year old plus guys together to form a seven piece blues band.
John Patchett
United Kingdom
Been a member about a year. The lessons are spot in and given in a clear concise manner that is easy to understand. I would recommend this to all my friends, and have as a matter of fact.
Hal Bray
California, USA
I used to move around the internet, going from teacher to teacher. Now I just stay with what works best. That's Brian at ActiveMelody.
ActiveMelody Member
California, USA
After 20yrs of frustration and bland, generic playing I came across activemelody on YouTube. After sampling a few lessons I joined up with the membership. In the months since my playing has taken off. Brian's teaching style is the key. Thank you Brian
ActiveMelody Member
Texas, US

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