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Simple Blues Guitar Lick - 1 (Chuck Berry Style)

<>I've decided to switch direction on occasion with these blues guitar lick videos and try to offer content for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar players. This video demonstrates a simple blues guitar solo that even a beginner should be able to play, on either an electric or an acoustic guitar. Most of it is played using the double string technique (where you are playing 2 strings at the same time), and because of playing on double strings it ends up sounding a lot like something Chuck Berry would do, Chuck Berry is the master of playing double string stuff. I hope this is something that everyone will be able to play - Hit me with questions either on this page or in the forum if you have them.

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Chuck Berry Style Guitar Lesson


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Where is the Jam Track or Tablature?


  1. Posted by: Dasha`97 on April 10, 2010

    the tab download link has broken

  2. Posted by: Brian on April 11, 2010

    Ahh thanks for pointing that out Dasha!  It’s fixed now.  Good catch.

  3. Posted by: Dasha`97 on April 11, 2010

    Th@nks f0r t@b d0wnl0@d link! M@n y0u r0cK!!!!

  4. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: coltgrabber on April 14, 2010

    Brian…. this one was slow enough for me to get almost the first time. Good video!

  5. Posted by: Brian on April 14, 2010

    @coltgrabber - Good!  I’m glad that you were able to follow this.  I’m going to be making lots more of these introductory type videos.

  6. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: Bioswami on June 20, 2010

    Brian, I just discovered this site and saw a couple of your lessons, (pentatonic Blues scales) and this one and I must say you are a very impressive teacher. Thank you!

  7. Posted by: Brian on June 20, 2010

    @Bioswami Thanks man.  I honestly never thought of myself as a teacher before I started putting these lessons up on YouTube… I didn’t think I had the patience to actually teach guitar - but I’m glad you are finding these lessons useful.  Thanks for the kind feedback.

  8. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: Bioswami on June 20, 2010

    let me put it this way.. for someone who picked up the guitar on his own and never had lessons as such.. these are a godsend.

  9. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: Bioswami on June 20, 2010

    Can I make a request for a lesson on connecting up all the different patterns for the pentatonic scales running the length of the neck? I think that would make this series pretty complete!

  10. Posted by: 1976lespaul on June 29, 2010

    Hey Brian, quick question, I played a mexico tele (lefty) at the guitar shop yesterday, brand new was a scratch n dent had 1 chip in the paint not a huge deal, they usually go for $499, this one was $379, is a tele going to give me that strong bluesy feel and sound? maple fretboard, sounded pretty good too, say more than a strat or les paul? it sounded pretty good but did need some TLC PS I played a strat and the tele felt a lot better to me.

  11. Posted by: 1976lespaul on June 30, 2010

    to add to my previous inquiry, I really like the G&L teles as well, what would brian choose and why?

  12. Posted by: Brian on June 30, 2010

    @1976lespaul - I love the sound of a Telecaster, they have a better sounding overdrive (to me) than a Strat, however, the Strat is the best playing guitar out there.. and definitely the most versatile.  The one blues guy that immediately jumps to mind in regards to Telecasters is Albert Collins (a.k.a. the master of the Telecaster) - check him out if you haven’t.. to hear the tone he got out of his guitar (his Tele had a humbucker pickup in the neck position).

    So to answer your question, yes a Telecaster can give you a very bluesy sound, but bending string on a Telecaster aren’t as easy as bending strings on a Strat - I think the tone of the Tele beats a Strat though.

    Regarding G&L, I honestly don’t know much about them - If it were me, I’d stick to the Mexican Tele

  13. Posted by: 1976lespaul on June 30, 2010

    Thanks Brian, G&L is the company Leo fender started after he sold fender to whoever he sold it to. he had no say on the manufacturing or anything so he started G&L, they make some quality instruments.

  14. Posted by: 1976lespaul on June 30, 2010

    Greetings again Brian, played a MIM Arctic white lefty strat today, guitar center wasnt busy, empty really, plugged into a peavey 2-12 combo,I was able to really test drive this guitar all tones, all amp settings…. I was really impressed with the comfort and the tone, never really tried a strat,for blues they are the standard, now that im playin lots o blues, I just may have to purchase it!  Thanks again G

  15. Posted by: Brian on June 30, 2010

    Nice!  Those Mexican strats are great guitars (and half the price of the US Strat).  They’re pretty much the exact same guitar but the US Strat goes up in value over time where the Mexican Strat really doesn’t.  In terms of playability, they’re pretty much identical.  Just saw Jimmie Vaughn play last week and he was playing a Mexican Strat (he has his own signature Tex-Mex strat).  Yeah, as for playing blues, it’s hard to argue with the Stratocaster - Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Hendrix, Robert Cray, and the list goes on and on.

  16. Posted by: 1976lespaul on June 30, 2010

    Tex-Mex start, that is pretty cool, Its nice to chat and relate to someone who is as passionate about music and guitars as I am. at times,quality lefties are hard to find,I find a nice one and its mine, when i first started playing 20+ years ago lefties were non existent, walk into a shop and wow 300-500 guitars….and maybe a lefty or not.and dont forget the guitar books are all transcribed for righties, and yes when you are learning, everything is upside down. I do have an Ibanez RG5EX-1 that I purchased new a few weeks ago(flat pewter). its not super bluesy by any stretch, but boy does it have many tone options, and a great neck, and its 20lbs lighter than my Les Paul, amps today can give anything a bluesy feel, I see an arctic white strat in my future, Thanks Brian!  (<:

  17. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: bingo on August 28, 2010

    wonderful! I have already got the feel for this lick, and should be ok with a bit more practice.. Thanks

  18. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: parky on November 19, 2010

    just finished lesson had great craic

  19. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: longbow on April 26, 2011

    Nice and easy vid! How do you get this sound from your amp?  thanks

  20. No Avatar Selected
    Posted by: BoPedersen on January 1, 2012

    The links are broken again - unfortunately.
    Otherwise a very good lesson

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