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Vintage multitap echo


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eTAP Engineer

Echorec, Binson, Vox Longtom, Roland Space Echo, all the vintage echoes are in this VST from Holland. I was one of the guitarists who helped Piet Verbruggen formulate the echoes etc.


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Hi there and welcome to the site and forum. I’m listening to In the Bleak Mid Winter. That’s a beautiful song. The playing and vocals so pro. Nice to have you aboard.
Here’s the page of our new members music.





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I’m a Bob Lefsetz junkie


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I realise this is a blues genre site and the reason I’m here is to leave melodic complicated stuff behind me. Many thanks to 6Stringer however for pointing to my Sony Acid Planet page as Londinium (the Roman’s name for London when they shuffled over here before God was a lad).

I’m new to blues work and want to play stuff differently every time I play which I can in blues. Melodic stuff has to follow the melody so to speak. In the past all my work was recorded ‘dry’ and processed in Acid Pro using VST efx.—-VST Amp sims, echo’s, reverbs, compressors and so on.

If anyone’s interested I can give out VST sites for stuff. Just d/load and place the .dll into your VST folder and open in whatever software you use for mixing/recording. To get my guitar line level up for PC input I use a Behringer Eurorack MX 602A mixer.

Please remember I’m new here and what’s gone before is in my guitar playing past. I’m a blues learner now !!!



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