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When all else fails, read the manual (or email the support team)


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The friendly support folks at Focusrite are the real deal.

I had emailed them to ask how I may have damaged the amp on my desktop monitoring system and included the pdf manual of the Radio Shack PA amp that I was using.
Their advice was, instead of 1/4” outputs of the Scarlett 2i2 going into the RCA jacks on the preamp, that I should be using the 1/4” balanced inputs for the preamp input. To control the volume, they said that I could use either the main volume on the Focusrite unit or the CD/Aux control.

It finally dawned on me that I had overdriven the preamp on the PA amp with the audio interface, which was what caused the problem. Hopefully, if I set the Focusrite to a moderate level and then control the volume with the PA controls, I should be able to use it without issues.

Thanks to all who responded to my earlier post


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Glad that you have it resolved Keith!