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Simple but effective pinky excersise


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A simple thing you can do anywhere and at anytime to strengthen your pinky finger, is to make a fist and then just just open your pinky to where it is straight while you have the other fingers still in a fist.

Straighten ( in quick and rhythmic fashion) it out the pull it back in, and out, in, out etc etc…..

I now do this all the time, watching TV, waiting for my wife in my car as she shops etc etc.

When your muscles start to tighten up from this exerciser, just open your hands and and wiggle your hand from the wrist, then go at it again…...

Trust me, this really works!!!!


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I read this some time back and should tell you I use daily


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Does it strengthen the muscle group that presses down guitar strings?  If so, it sure would be an easy way to do that.

Thanks for posting the idea.

and maybe I should generalize it to all four of my guitar string pressing fingers ( well once or twice a year I also try using my thumb so maybe I should include that digit too)
Just don’t try it underwater in a northern lake where pike or muskie are present, or you might be returing home minus a pinkie.
Also, I would advise against doing this during a job interview or a sales presentation or situation in which one might be concerned about appearing to be nervous.



Les from Chicago