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EP025 Blues lesson


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Hi all.

I’ve been a bass player for years (14) and am pretty new to guitar. Although I can play most chords open and barred, I’m a rank beginner at lead guitar. I’ve had a ball with lesson EP025. Thanks Brian.

A number of things. First, I like the chord progression especially the F# minor to the D. That sounds so cool to me. I don’t play the lead part exactly note for note but pretty close. I found that I could change notes slightly that was comfortable for me to play and still sound very close to the exact notation.

I added a whole new section to the chord progression. You might call it a bridge or chorus while the main progression would be the verse. I added (4/4 time):
D   one measure (4 beats)
A   ”      ”        “
E   ”      ”        “
A   2 beats
A7   2 beats
D   one measure (4 beats)
A     ”    ”        “
B     ”    ”        “
E     ”    ”        “
then back into the verse

I made up my own lead part for the section above. This is probably all pretty simple to you guys who are experienced players but it’s a learning process for me.

At my experience level, I might feel adequate to play rhythm guitar with a group but not lead. I want to become a competent lead player. These lessons are helping. This is fun.



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Thanks for sharing that mb48. I’m just finishing the previous lesson. I replay Brian’s backing tracks through a looper then play the lead over the top. I will add your bridge/chorus to EP025 and see how I get on.